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GDPR: Facebook and Google, accused of ‘forced consent’

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Google and Facebook ‘forcing’ their users to agree to new terms of use. According to privacy watchdog Noyb.eu is that, contrary to the GDPR legislation, which today comes into force.

The GDPR requires our ‘informed consent’ before our data can be collected and used. But there is a degree of ‘permission’ if you are forced to ‘yes’ clicking? That was always one of the biggest problems of highly complex new privacy legislation.

The well-known Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems founded recently a new non-profit organization, Noyb.the eu, for the application of the new law to guard, and he let there is clearly no grass grow: on day one, he should already be a complaint against Google and Facebook, and against two components of Facebook, namely Instagram and Whatsapp. Four different complaints have been filed with the French, Belgian, Hamburg, and the Austrian privacy authorities. The complaint against Instagram lands in the new (because it wasn’t officially established) Belgian data protection Authority, that up to yesterday, the privacy Commission was called.

In theory, companies may be sentenced to a penalty of 4% of their global turnover. The argument of Schrems is, inter alia, that consent is not ‘forced’ and that permission for different things should not be ‘bundled’. Noyb.eu refers to a directive of the European data protection authorities in november last year appeared.

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