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GDPR: American newspapers block Europe

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“Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries’. That you will see if you try to use the news to read the LA Times. Other websites will also fend off suddenly Europeans, because of the new GDPR legislation.

On the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and NY Daily News are Europeans not welcome anymore. In the message on the website of the LA Times says that the newspaper ‘options view’ to solve this problem, through ‘technical solutions’, which is the site in compliance with the GDPR. The block would only be temporary.

The news channel NPR chooses a different, remarkable approach: NPR.org you must first agree to the use of cookies by selecting the ‘agree’ button. Those who do not, will be forwarded to a minimal version of the site without images (and therefore also without advertising).

IT lawyer Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert says that the block of Europeans ‘totally unnecessary’. ‘A newspaper like the LA Times focuses not on the data transactions in the European Union, and the processing would therefore be incidental, ” says Dobbelaere-Welvaert. And then, according to him, the strict GDPR-conditions are not in force.

The majority of websites in the U.S., it is much simpler: with a pop-up with a warning about the use of cookies, and a reference to the privacy policy. Such a cookie-warning we are in Europe for years, in the USA it is new.

Not only is a few American newspapers over the past few days in panic shot about the GDPR. The popular app Instapaper is temporarily unusable in Europe, like the app Unroll.me.

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