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France: IBM’s new block Chain to create Jobs

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IBM plans to create in the next two years, 1,800 new Jobs in France. This should cover the areas of AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Internet of things.

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has been working for some time with the Blockchain technology. Already in 2014, BTC-ECHO on patent applications to the IT giant reported. In 2017, plans were to use the Blockchain in the music industry. Shortly thereafter, the movement of goods, cooperation with Maersk in January of this year. Recently, it announced plans to make the Proof of Work for the Internet of things. Even the smallest Computer in the world, developed by IBM, uses the Blockchain.

In all of these collaborations and announcements, it should hardly surprise that the company needed a lot of workers. So the company in the areas of AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and IOT will create in the next two years for France to 1,800 new Jobs. On the Tech for Good Summit, President and Emmanuel Macron, the CEO of IBM gave a very optimistic:

“The President of Macron, a smart bet is that AI will transform any kind of Job, every profession and all industries. At IBM, we share this Belief and see evidence of this every day […]. That is why we France to bring 1,800 new Jobs to meet the high demand of our customers.“

Not only Blockchain Jobs planned

As you can see from the press release, the plans for the work for these projects closely with the government. The new Jobs are to attract especially business consultants, it professionals, Developer, and experts in the Tech field. Furthermore, they wanted to offer a point of contact for both Uniabgänger as well as long-Established. The targeted areas are Cybersecurity, especially, data Science, Artificial intelligence, and Cognitive Business to completely new areas, not covered by traditional financial statements and therefore, especially for a newcomer of interest.

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