FBI warns of Russian hackers

797e82c2327b944cd48ef4f7fc926bce - FBI warns of Russian hackers

WASHINGTON – The FBI has Friday warned Russian computerhackers that worldwide hundreds of thousands of routers infected in houses and offices. It gives them access to the information of the user or his internet traffic is flat.

The American federal criminal police advises the owners their device, of various brands, off and on, and updates of the software to download which one provides better protection. According to the FBI in more than fifty countries all routers are infected, all seems, Ukraine is the main target.

The involved cyber criminals are united in the group Sofacy, which is in contact with the Russian government. Sofacy, also known as Fancy Bear, and APT28, is suspected of breaking into the computer system of the Democrats during the presidential election of 2016. Earlier this week warned Cisco Systems Ukraine already for a cyber attack from the neighboring country.

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