Dutch singer Patricia Mine demands of 450,000 euros in damages

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The Dutch singer Patricia Mine claims in the district court in Amsterdam, a compensation of 450,000 euros of GeenStijl for the publishing of a types of xxx sex of her. Her lawyer Johan Langelaar says that in addition to GeenStijl also the editor-in-chief of the website and an editor sued, as well as the man who the film initially Twitter accounts. GeenStijl placed in February last year, the link of the video, but deleted that a minute later again at the insistence of the lawyer of Mine. The video, which is to see that Mine piss-sex with a man, however, is frequently shared on social media.

“The claim is based on intangible harm and material damage caused by commands that are Mine misliep,” explains Langelaar to the Dutch news agency ANP. He acknowledges that the claim for damages is unusually high for Dutch standards. “I hope this is something to bring about, to make it clear that this really can’t. The movie is deliberate and purposefully by GeenStijl published. The editors of GeenStijl had twice behind the ears need scratching before this movie went to publish. They earn substantially. If I have a compensation would demand of 10,000 euros, they laugh themselves to death. I hope on a turnaround in the Netherlands if the court allows the claim to assign”.

Langelaar had the Amsterdam district court initially asked the thing about the leaked sekstape behind closed doors to deal with. The district court decided here not to go. However, Langelaar the possibility during the hearing a new request for privacy, if he deems it necessary. “If there are details to be discussed in this delicate matter, I ask the court to demand that everyone leaves the room.”

Langelaar says that Mine is very nervous for the session. “I hope that they can handle. She is very tense and that is quite logical, because everything is raked up. The lawsuit has been long delayed. I hope that they present.”

Except for the civil case, there is also a criminal case. According to Langelaar should this criminal case against GeenStijl and two male suspects, most likely in July. The Public prosecution service (OM) made in February announced that the GeenStijl continues for the spread of the types of xxx sex of Mine. Also, two male suspects should appear before the judge.

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