Dutch relatives MH17 submit a complaint against Russia

a21b56d81dcb85cc981dce74bc1a5543 - Dutch relatives MH17 submit a complaint against Russia

At least one hundred Dutch relatives of victims of the attack on flight MH17 have signed on to an American lawyer who on their behalf a claim will be submitted against Russia at the European Court for Human Rights.

That said, the lawyer in question, Jerry Skinner, on Friday evening in the Dutch actualiteitenrubriek EenVandaag. Skinner wants the complaint on June 13, submitted.

The lawyer put in 2016 at the European Court already has a claim down from a total of 330 million dollars on behalf of 33 families of the victims from Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia. That case is still pending, according to EenVandaag. According to close the program, now family members of at least one hundred Dutch victims in that claim.


Skinner would want to surviving a damage claim in the millions.

The American is a well-known luchtvaartjurist. He made fame as a lawyer of the relatives of the fatal attack on the device from Pan Am in 1988 after a bomb blast crashed at the Scottish Lockerbie.

American support

The United States support in the meantime, the decision of the Dutch and Australian governments to Russia can be held responsible for the MH17 disaster. Reports that the American ministry of Foreign Affairs Friday night, which the Kremlin previously been called to ‘stop lying’ and clarification as to the role it played in the tearing down of the airplane resembling.

The USA say ‘all the confidence’ in the findings of the Joint Investigation Team, that the multinational investigation into the attack. That team eight proved that the missile that the plane hit, was from a Russian raketinstallatie. The State Department called on Moscow on the ‘desinformatiecampagne’ to desist and ‘openness about his involvement in the disaster’.

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