Curtain falls for ziekenhuisserie Code Black

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The current, third season is the last of Code Black. The creator of the show left Wednesday on Twitter know that the plug from the ziekenhuisserie is drawn.

Marcia Gay Harden

The end of the series is, according to this Michael Seitzman not unexpectedly, causing permanent viewers of Code Black was a fitting end. “We expected that this season was our last. We have also written,” says Seitzman.

Code Black went on the first aid department of one of the busiest hospitals of the country, that more and more patients to ingest, then the financial can handle. Actress Marcia Gay Harden responded Thursday on Instagram on the news. “It is an incredible adventure to this universal stories of suffering, hope, and family to be able to tell. I want the fans to thank me after each episode and wrote how they live their lives and work terugzagen in the series. That is where we are doing it for.”

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