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Crypto Mining Tool XMRig millions of PCs infected; Bad Crypto theft in Germany

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The thefts and scams in the crypto world. So, the crypto-Mining division is affected, according to the latest findings. Currently, a Malware campaign going around the net that installs a crypto-Mining Tool on your PC.

The crypto-Mining Tool XMRig installed on PCs and infects them with Malware. The special feature of this Software is that crypto can be extracted of money, regardless of whether a browser connection is available or not.

This is a must have found security researchers of Palo Alto network for the observation of a Malware campaign over the last 4 months.

XMRig not used the JavaScript Code running in the Browser, but two VBscript programs that download over the Internet, and then be installed on the PC.

The Malware spreads mainly on shortened URLs such as or The Links then lead to wear files the following names:

  • [File4org]_421064.exe
  • [Dropmefiles]_420549.exe
  • [Rapid files]_48905.exe

The files will be opened, installed Malware and the illegal Miner is active. Further information there is on the side of the Paloalonetworks.

Crypto-theft in Germany: collapse at home

Most scams happen in the crypto world online, the following story shows, however, that it can even happen in a home. On a Person reported, the victim of a foul crime is the misuse of social media.

It has issued a seemingly helpless woman as ignorant IOTA buyer and asked for his help. The conversation took place in a Slack Channel, so that the potential victim has not expected such a malicious intention. The interview Protocol can be found on .

The seemingly helpless woman was asking odd questions, however, would not be likely to come every helpful person on the idea that this could lead to a bad end. The following lines are a short summary of the course, assigned story:

One afternoon, a female User appeared in the German Iota Slack Channel and asked for help. She had transferred Bitcoin on Bitfinex, and that these were not published. In General, they had a couple of questions on IOTA technology and the creation of a Seed.
I gave me helpful, explained how to create a Seed, and that the Bitcoin will need a bit of time to be credited on Bitfinex.
All good so far. After you explained to me, however, that their Bitcoin come and ask since 7h and don’t mind how you send me the Transaction Hash, I asked her if she could send me a Screenshot. This went on with her seemingly Slack. She desperately wanted to give my Facebook name and after we had started several Attempts, I was so free and got it to her.
Shortly thereafter, the Bitcoins appeared then but and the Problem was solved. I explained to her a few more things and ended the conversation.
That in-between a couple of “weird” things have been asked, was to me at the time so not aware of. The Account asked me how long I would already be at IOTA when I have my first Coins had bought and so on.
So the thing was eaten then, but for me also.

Until I came home last night and the shock of my life.
My apartment was broken into, the entire room on the head, a Notebook and a Seed, both.
I was completely by the Wind, the police has recorded the burglary, and it was considered, as it can be had and who would have a motive to do so.

An incredible story that should not, but probably not uncommon, since many cases are never in the Public.

At this point, we want to reiterate that for the seeder position generators should be used not Online as quickly otherwise the credit can be cleared from the Wallet (as in the case of IOTA).

Furthermore, always take special care with interaction in social media offered, if persons or by user name stealth Profile will want to have personal data or information.

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