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Crypto mining: The big Star among the types of Malware

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According to the recent Reports of Malware Labs crypto mining is in addition to Adware and Spyware, the most commonly used Malware. In the future, it is expected with even greater Beliebtheitheit.

Digitisation, Innovation and Disruption are not only in the normal industry, three key Trends. The world of crime doesn’t sleep and is thinking of your Version of business practices. In these games, crypto has a big role in currencies for some time. It was discussed half a year ago, primarily from Ransomware, since some months, crypto-mining.

Ethical questions aside, this is understandable: In contrast to traditional fraud transactions, crypto-mining is incredibly scalable, it can be the Malware to a wide range of systems sent. The use of anonymous crypto-currencies like Monero a return makes tracking transactions more or less impossible.

As opposed to Ransomware, a further positive feature in addition, This Form of Malware is working for the untrained eye in the Background. Users are perhaps concerned about the CPU usage or the heated Smartphones, however, not directly, that you were the victim of a Malware attack.

You should not play it just shut down: crypto miner not only ensure that the Performance of other programs will suffer, but will lead to a stronger CPU utilization of the computer being used. The use of Smartphones in this regard is even more dramatic, because the battery is heated strongly. In extreme cases, the Smartphone could be utilized so that the battery is overheating and the entire Smartphone is destroyed.

From the source code of view-crypto-miners are very easy to set up. The simplicity of the code means that security experts can find the relevant code pieces quickly in web pages or plug-ins, which is, however, in the case of the dissemination opportunities via the Web and the high degree of anonymity from the point of view of the criminals bearable.

Crypto mining: Adware-largest Consumer Threat in 2018

A study of Malwarebytes shows that crypto-mining is in addition to Spyware and Adware the most common Form of digital fraud. Very clearly this is seen in the case of attacks on private computers and Smartphones to:

In the corporate sector, it is not so clear, however, is ranked here, too, crypto mining among the first places.

The study continues to be the different types of crypto-mining Malware, so that anyone interested can get a good Overview of the current situation.

In addition to the illegal crypto mining also Ethical Mining is addressed. An example of this was presented a few weeks ago at the BTC-ECHO. The Use of system resources for a good purpose, is highlighted by Malwarebytes praise. According to the report, the scale of the used resources is still a big Problem. Currently, many systems utilize immediately the CPU to 100 percent, which makes a Shutdown of the Ethical mining exist.

By the way is not very commendable that Malwarebytes practicing a General criticism of crypto-currencies. About Ethical Hacking and crypto-currencies in General, the authors are very sympathetic.

What can I do about crypto mining?

The different representatives of the security software, the risk of crypto-mining is well-known, even Windows Defender has this danger in mind. The illegal market does not sleep and is constantly developing new forms of Malware or infected sites. According to also advised to keep the Performance of your own computer or their own Smartphones, something in my eye.

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