Boy (7) prevents rape of mother

60205be659211a9ba8a04890a32b00a5 - Boy (7) prevents rape of mother

HEILBRONN – A 7-year-old boy, according to the German police, presumably, the rape of his mother prevent. He punched the attacker off of her with his scooter.

The perpetrator had the 44-year-old woman in a park in Heilbronn pulled down towards the ground and tried her pants down pull. When her son saw that, he shot to help with his scooter. That attracted the attention of another walker. Together, they managed the stalker on the run to hunt.

Not much later did the police have a 39-year-old suspect, who remain in custody continues. The criminal investigation department suspects him of being also Wednesday has a wife to have drowned in the area. They managed to break free and escape. The criminal investigation department is still investigating whether more cases have been reported.

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