Bomb explodes in busy Canadian restaurant: at least fifteen people injured

6ec2a4c7851424f7325b1237c8dbc517 - Bomb explodes in busy Canadian restaurant: at least fifteen people injured

Two suspects have Thursday night around 22.30 hours (local time) a bomb trigger in a restaurant in canada Mississauga. At least fifteen people were injured, reported the local police.

The local police and emergency services were Thursday night around 22: 30 hours, called for an explosion in the Bombay Chell-restaurant in Mississauga, in the Canadian province of Ontario. Two suspects would be the busy matter are within walking and a bomb have to do go off in the busy restaurant. Then beat them on the flight and at this point they are still missing.

The first is described as a male in his twenties, approximately 1 meter 80, strong built and light skin. ‘He wears a dark blue jeans, a dark hoodie with the hood over his head and a baseball cap with a light gray cover. His face is consider with a black substance.’

The second suspect is also a man. “He is a bit smaller, is thin built and wearing also a blue jeans and a dark hoodie. In addition, he wears a grey T-shirt, dark skate shoes and also his face is covered.’

The motive of the suspects is not yet clear. Nor whether it was an act of terror.

Of the at least fifteen wounded condition, three in critical condition, report Canadian media on the authority of a trauma centre in Toronto. According to a witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, he was in the restaurant when the explosion went off. “I was just going to the toilet with my child when I was a loud explosion heard,” he says. “When I came outside, I saw everyone spread out on the ground. Everywhere broken glass and blood.’

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