Big names in ‘The Sisters Brothers’

fb18eb9594867cc21d18238404973579 - Big names in 'The Sisters Brothers'

The trailer for the western ‘The Sisters Brothers’ is released. Therein we see the cast a few big names.

So will Joaquin Phoenix show as Charlie Sister, John C. Reilly plays his brother Eli Sister. Rutger Hauer played the role of their boss, the mysterious Commodore. Riz Ahmed plays Hermann Kermit Warm, Jake Gyllenhaal, his business partner Morris.

‘The Sisters Brothers’ is a western that is based on the eponymous, critically acclaimed book by Patrick Dewitt, a 2011. The story follows two brothers: Eli and Charlie Sisters. They earn their money by killing people for money. They are in California hired to be in Oregon in 1851, the prospector Hermann Kermit Warm is to identify and kill, because their boss has been robbed. The brothers have mixed feelings about the assignment to the resourceful and friendly Warm personality.

‘The Sisters Brothers’ is the first English film to French director Jacques Audiard. Before he became internationally known thanks to the gevangenisfilm ‘Un prophète’ and in 2015, he won the Cannes Golden Palm for “Dheepan’.

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