Bavaria in deliberations about Morgan Freeman

dcb6a6e2b940c70e877e561abd76e7a6 - Bavaria in deliberations about Morgan Freeman

Beerbrewer Bavaria is very shocked by the news that Morgan Freeman is accused of at least eight women to have bothered with undesirable behaviour and sexual intimidation. Freeman is since last year the face of Swinckels, the premium beer of Bavaria.

A spokesman for Bavaria release to Brabants Dagblad know that there is currently no active campaign, but that the actor a prominent place on the website of Swinckels taking. In addition, he is also, of course, still on YouTube.

“We are going to our first consideration about this news and wait for possible investigation. Also, first look at what kind of reactions there will be on his apology and go on to anticipate.” However, she says that the site is still not adjusted. If there is a new campaign with the 80-year-old actor, still, is not known. Bavaria highlighted on the news to lament. “It’s never nice when things like this happen.”

According to TMZ, other companies, including Visa and Translink, the collaboration with Freeman already stopped.

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