Barry Atsma would never go abroad move for career

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Barry Atsma would never move abroad for his career. The actor is currently playing in London for the new advocatenserie The Split, but “see it happen” for his work abroad.

“The netherlands is a fantastic country. There are few places where you’re so fine you children can’t raise children as in the Netherlands,” says the 45-year-old actor in conversation with the AD.

According to Atsma realize not everyone feels that they are “proud” may be on the land. “Look at America now. I would be there in this political climate, not want to live. And someone like my brother, who has Down syndrome, here can be so good. There are all opportunities for this.”

Although he is the “crazy” is what, for example, his colleague Michiel Huisman is doing in the US, is that for Atsma, not to play. “A onwijze step he has ever made. But I’m 45. I’m in a completely different stage than he, am happy as it goes. In addition, I have a family here, I can not just go away.”

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