Amber Heard helps Syrian refugees

e5bf3cf701281ca1fc0663f079e7f17a - Amber Heard helps Syrian refugees

Amber Heard has her fans asked her to help to save life’. The actress is a fundraising campaign started for the medical bills of the 12-year-old Weam, a Syrian refugee.

Amber Heard

“As you may know I have a while ago a Syrian refugee camp visited. There I met this incredible 12-year-old girl, named Weam. She needs our help desperately needed, because they are suffering from a deadly disease,” says Heard in a video on the social media. “Her treatment costs a thousand dollars per month and that she has not. Weam has immediately a blood transfusion necessary.”

“Despite the difficult conditions, I was really inspired by her. She has a beautiful, bright and optimistic soul and I want her her very happy to help. I’m a fundraising campaign began for her treatments to be able to pay. Help me to save life.”

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