Showbiz technology makes life great

d9cb26fc046e8933c586dbdc24e3b345 - technology makes life great is convinced that technology is our lives only get better and better. This is, however, more knowledge is needed about, for example, dates, says the rapper for the camera of the ANP.

“Technology can make us stronger, our great lives and happiness of democratization,” says from Amsterdam, where he Thursday, one of the jury members during the final of the Chivas Venture. “All the information needed to have a great life to lead, there is, but people need to learn more about data.”

The artist and entrepreneur notes that many people do not even know what data is. “And it turns out that data, more power yield than money, but people have no idea what it is and that is sad.”

Lack of knowledge thinking that the discussion about collecting, saving and storing of data in the next “ten to twenty years” globally, the main subject of discussion is. “We know the risks of data, but it is clear that they are there. And that is the problem of the lack of knowledge.”

The American tries itself to contribute with his Foundation, which invests in the development of young talent. “They learn what it takes to build tomorrow.” was quite impressed by the finalists of Chivas Venture, a global competition for social entrepreneurs competing for $ 1 million. “The five finalists have great ideas. There are people who are trying to the oceans to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, attempting to obtain, or the Dutch finalist Jalila essaïdi talks that clothing wants to make koeienpoep. These are all great ideas, but all of them grab a share issue for a more sustainable world. Therefore, I encourage those people to.”

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