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Us authorities investigate the influence bitcoinkoers

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The American justice system is investigating whether traders on the price of bitcoin and other digital coins have intentionally manipulated.

The manipulation of the rates would have occurred by including false orders out as others move to buy and sell, say sources around the investigation against the news agency Bloomberg.

False orders will be withdrawn as soon as the market is in the desired direction. Also traders themselves act so as to create the impression that there is a lot of movement on the market.

The research means that the U.s. government, the markets of digital currencies, which critics say is a wildwestlandschap, more closely in the holes. The prosecutors along with the financial watchdog Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

In several countries, are digital coins under a magnifying glass, because authorities are worried about fraud. So forbade China stock exchanges where the cryptovaluta’s to be traded and decided to Japan and the Philippines that grants to regulate.


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