UEFA tightens rules on Financial Fair Play continue to

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The UEFA tightens financial rules for clubs. In the current control system, Financial Fair Play is now the mandatory publication of revenues and expenses are recognised, so has the bond Thursday decided.

Clubs must now mention what they per year to spelerssalarissen and commission to agents are lost. Without the openness of the financial affairs of a club a license UEFA.

The board of directors of the UEFA reached at a meeting in Kiev, where on Saturday the final of the Champions League is played – an agreement on the new regulations. “It’s going to be a complete and comprehensive review of the existing system”, a spokesman know.

“We want transparency in the financial policy of the clubs promote. Or the height of certain expenditure will come under pressure, we have to wait and see.”

Some clubs in Europe including Ajax, by listing all required to have the necessary information about the financial situation to provide.

AC Milan

Earlier this week threatened the UEFA AC Milan for a season to be excluded from European football. The Italian club would be in accordance with the existing rules of Financial Fair Play in recent years too much money has been spent on transfers.

Other possible penalties for Milan include a transferban of a year or a towering fine. Previously clubs like Galatasaray, CSKA Moscow, Dnipro and Panathinaikos out of Europe banned for violating the Financial Fair Play rules.

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