Thursday night in Grillmasters

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On Thursday, may 24, compete the four remaining duos in the Belgian Ardennes for a place in the final of Grillmasters.

During this last productproef catch her together with Peter zoetwaterforellen and they go with Seppe wild picking in the forest. Ineke has the technique of fly-fishing immediately below the knee, while the Nobility and Nick everything literally in the water is likely to fall. Fortunately, they can count on the expert advice of the experienced fly fisherman Danny. Later in the forest close Seppe a bet with the duo’s, and the pressure during the collection of the right ingredients even further increases. With a box full of fresh herbs from Mother Nature and a self-caught trout return to the duo’s back all the way back to basic when they the trout prepared in a hollowed-out tree trunk. During the cooking process to have Nick and Kevin have a secret weapon in store. The duo throw everything in the fight for the first finaleticket.

We arrived at the farm, there is again fish on the menu. Adel goes to fight with the tough dogfish that is not going to give in. Nick takes great risks with the filleting of the toxic Pieterman, but cannot simply be put off. Ineke and Sofie get difficult during this assignment, and worry about the cuisson of their fish in salt crust. Mario and Marc are determined to get a place in the final to conquer, but their preparations of fish up to the gastjury of cadets of the maritime Academy?

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