Thousands of women raped by the soldiers who have them ‘save’

22bd6edd214a57638f06d8106dc6f2e8 - Thousands of women raped by the soldiers who have them ‘save’

Thousands of women and girls that the barbaric reign of the armed group Boko Haram have survived, are further abused by the Nigerian security services who claim to have them saved. That says the human rights organization Amnesty International in the report ‘They Betrayed Us’, published Thursday.

The report states that the Nigerian military and the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), a town closely together, the women of their men separate, and then imprisoned in remote camps where they are raped, sometimes in exchange for food.

Amnesty international also has evidence which shows that thousands of people since 2015 a starvation died in those camps in Borno, a state in the northeast of Nigeria. People who are trapped in the satellietkampen were faced with an acute food shortage from the beginning of 2015 to mid-2016, when the humanitarian aid was raised, says Amnesty.

‘At least hundreds, and possibly thousands, died in this period alone in Bama Hospital Camp’, it sounds. ‘The interviewees reported consistently that every day, fifteen to thirty people died of hunger and disease during these months. Satellite images, which show how the cemetery in the camp in that time, quickly expanded, to confirm their testimony. There died also of everyday people in other satellietkampen such as in Banki, and Dikwa.’

Organized system

Women testified to Amnesty international that sexual exploitation is an organised system, where soldiers openly to the camp for sex and CJTF members of the ‘most beautiful’ women and girls choose to go to the soldiers who are outside the camps. The victims reported that they were too scared to ask for sex or to refuse.

“Sex in this very compelling circumstances is always rape, even if no physical violence is used,” says Osai Ojigho, director of Amnesty International Nigeria. “The Nigerian soldiers and CJTF members are there with impunity. They behave as if they have no penalties to risk, but the perpetrators and their superiors who, without any headwind, have allowed, have the international law violations and should be held accountable.’

From the research of Amnesty International shows, furthermore, that hundreds of women together with their children since 2015 in the Giwa barracks are held. Although most of them are released, is yet unknown number being held in the military detention facility. Many of them were the victims of abductions or forced marriages by Boko Haram. Instead of to save them, they were by the army locked up because they are so-called “Boko Haram women”.

War crimes

Amnesty calls on president Muhammadu Buhari on to take action. “The Nigerian authorities must have regard to war crimes and crimes against humanity in the northeast of the country to examine whether the results of their previous studies in this regard make known’, it sounds.

The report of Amnesty International is the result of more than 250 in-depth interviews and covers satellietkampen that are set up by the army in seven cities in the state of Borno. The report also contains interviews with 48 women and girls who are out of detention are released and an analysis of video-, photo -, and satellite imagery.

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