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The SwissBorg ICO collected in one day $ 10 million – The token sale is now available – with a 5% Bonus.

b6ba34cb836eaf31b22cb57168b99bf4 - The SwissBorg ICO collected in one day $ 10 million – The token sale is now available – with a 5% Bonus.

Lausanne, Switzerland

The SwissBorg ICO launched yesterday, the 7.12.2017. The project has been collected in the first 12 hours, more than 10 million dollars, and a “Soft Cap” of $ 5 million is reached. Tokens are for the price of 0.1 dollars per a CHSB-Token available.

Inspired by the Open Source philosophy is based SwissBorg (Link to official Homepage) to a new type of Open-Protocol-service program, the so-called “proof of meritocracy”, with the aim of revolutionising the asset management industry.

A core feature of the CHSB Token the opportunity to choose the direction in which the network should develop. With the help of the CHSB-Token, a Referendum will be generated Token, the so-called “RSB-Token”. For each DAO-arrangement of the RSB-Token by the owners is used to make decisions on the proposals of the referendum. The voting rights shall be calculated on the basis of the number of CHSB Token that each user owns at the time of the announcement of the referendum.

The nature of the reward depends on the Referendum. ETH, CHSB or ERC-20 tokens can be offered during the referendum.

SwissBorg is a decentralised asset management platform based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Teams in Japan and Canada. The project promotes community-centered values with which individuals, institutions, and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) of a democratic, transparent, and trusted investment platform worthy benefit. The Investment Team plans assets, which consists of crypto-currencies to be actively managed with the latest technologies (Blockchain & AI). The company is managed by an international Team that has collected together over 90 years of experience in various areas of Private banking, Hedge Fund management, algorithmic and quantitative trading in the Wall Street environment.

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