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Tessa Wullaert grips with Wolfsburg in addition to profit in Champions League

f697ff533914557044ae14745b93faf2 - Tessa Wullaert grips with Wolfsburg in addition to profit in Champions League

The women of Olympique Lyon in the Valeri Lobanovskystadion in the Ukrainian capital Kiev for the final of the Champions League with a 1-4 win. It was the third time in a row that the French are the tournament winners. Tessa Wullaert fell with the rest for the Germans. All goals fell in the extensions.

Both teams were biting ninety minutes long, and their teeth on each other piece. Lyon was very close to the openingsdoelpunt on a corner in the 68th minute, but the ball was on the line turned. The leather seemed to be over the line, but the referee could not rely on doellijntechnologie and let voortspelen. Lyon had most of the chances, while the doelvrouw of the French team barely in action had to come.

After two minutes in the extensions, put the Danish striker Pernille Harder Wolfsburg the lead. Two minutes later, picked up Alexandra Popp of Wolfsburg a second yellow card and the Germans had to continue with ten. Lyon made use of that numerical majority and scored by Amandine Henry and Eugenie Le Sommer, two times in less than three minutes. The courage sank Wolfsburg clearly in the shoes, because three minutes after the second tegengoal had been a third swallow. With the help of a great sunken Shanice van de Sanden scored the Germans for their fourth hit of the evening.

It remained 1-4, and so wins Olympique Lyon for the third time in a row, the Champions League, their fifth title since the inception of the league.

The 25-year-old Wullaert grabs so at her farewell in Wolfsburg next to the cup with the big ears. The Red Flame, that since 2015 for the German football club plays football, has already indicated that after this season at Wolfsburg leaves. A new team is not yet fixed, but the aanvalster attracts as well as is sure to the English league. Wolfsburg picked up before the national championship and won the German cup.

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