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Stoffel Vandoorne will drive GP of Monaco with ‘special’ helmet

d5f0787999e151a91292c974b2dbae54 - Stoffel Vandoorne will drive GP of Monaco with 'special' helmet

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne will be used during the race weekend in Monaco, which started today, with a special race helmet drive.

F1-pilots work the full F1 season with the same helmontwerp, that is to the recognizability of the riders to increase, and by rules laid down. How great recognition even after the introduction of Halo on the F1 cars, this can of course be discussed.

It is, however, that riders still limited may deviate what their helmet design, or that they have one race per season another helmontwerp can handle. For the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne is his ‘home race’ in Monaco an ideal opportunity to meet with a custom helmontwerp to drive.

Rear Vandoorne his helmet, we find the name ‘Monaco’ back with a set of poker cards and poker chips. Also the initials ‘SV’ by Stoffel Vandoorne, and the names of some of the important corners on the circuit, we find back. On top of the helmet, we see again a large pokerchip with the number 2, the number of Vandoorne.

Now still hope that Vandoorne in Monaco more luck than in Spain, where he had to give up due to technical problems. But running it during the GP of Monaco is not always a little bit of happiness? Just as in the game?

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