Stations ready for the summer

c6bc265e9cd997e93b6f9aa106df363b - Stations ready for the summer

The zomerschema of our tv channels is ready. Who is not a fan of sports, is there for the effort because the commercial stations do almost the books. Certainly at Four if that is the case, where, after the repetition of Eat every day a movie and the tv series Lethal Weapon. In the weekend, is that also a movie on Saturday, and on Sunday a double NCIS and MacGyver. In VTM, the repetitions of The Kotmadam forth above is achieved and there is a new series of Four in Bed. A music program there this summer. At One they choose in full for the world cup and the Tour, the repetitions of FC De Kampioenen, Switch and repetitions of fictiereeksen.

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