Spanish ex-diplomats focus arrows on Jambon

89952274de905e440e54356d2349297a - Spanish ex-diplomats focus arrows on Jambon

Fifty Spanish ex-diplomats, of whom several have a link with the Spanish king, an evil wrote a letter to the Belgian ambassador in Madrid, Marc Calcoen. Especially minister of the Interior Jan Jambon and the Brussels public prosecutor Jean-Marc Meilleur suffer the most, write The Latest News and the newspapers of Sudpresse Thursday.

Jambon is sympathy for the Catalans in exile, is blamed. The N-VA deputy prime minister, would the Spanish court criticized: he had a lot of questions at the close of members of the government. According to the former diplomats, he showed the will to the Catalan politicians for political asylum granting.

Meilleur will then wipe out the pan because he was at the Spanish court asked him to the conditions in the Spanish prisons, and enquired if the marketed Catalan president Carles Puigdemont a humane treatment and a fair process would get. According to the fifty Spaniards, he pulls it the Spanish rule of law is in doubt.

Premier Rajoy got already through diplomatic channels to our country when prime minister Michel, the violence after the onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in Catalonia convicted.

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