Scott Baio may not be prosecuted for abuse

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The misbruikbeschuldiging of Nicole Eggert at the address of former Happy Days actor Scott Baio will not lead to prosecution of the actor lead. The actress has left to New York Daily News know that the prosecutor’s office in Los Angeles Wednesday has officially let us know that the matter is statute-barred.

Scott Baio

“They said that I have a very, very strong case, but that it unfortunately was too late. Otherwise, they had him persecuted,” says Nicole. “They said they were frustrated because they rarely have such strong things to ingest. There were so many witnesses.” A spokesman of the public prosecutor refused the news to confirm, and explained to the newspaper that the case investigation continues.

The abuse would have taken place during the filming of sitcom Charles in Charge, where both actors played. Nicole, among other things known from the tv series Baywatch, claims that Scott for the first time sexual acts with her work when she was 14 and he was 26. That would be up to seventeen about once per week have repeated.

Scott, known from his role as Chachi in Happy Days, denies all allegations. However, he says a sexual relationship with Nicole to have had when she was 18, the age at which that is legal in California.

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