Sanne Wallis de Vries after the invitation again full low

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For the recording of her second episode of Sanne Wallis de show, next Friday night, looking for Sanne Wallis de Vries have special guests in the studio. Her call on Twitter, it is, however, a reason for opponents to quite ranting.

Sanne Wallis de Vries

The tv presenter and comedian got the last days a lot of criticism about him, because at the end of her tv show, a satirical song was heard, to the tune of the song Toy, which the Israeli singer Netta’s Eurovision song contest won. In the parody, which was carried out by Martine Sandifort, went under more about the All-Aqsamoskee and shoot it with ’buk-missiles ” to Palestinians.

“Israëlkritiek is fine, but your texts are downright anti-semitic! Bah! Go you ashamed!”, is one of the more friendly of the more than 350 responses. Most of the comments are downright hateful, and sommihe twitter users recommend Sanne Wallis de Vries on her cards in Palestine or in a mosque, or her show to be cancelled.

They don’t want to go to a show to ” anti-semitic humor on him, paid to get’. “No thank you. I’m not your toy.” Only the satirical account TheMossadNL let know interest to have to go to the studio: “Hi Sarah, we’ll see you may 25th.”

A number of followers found that the comedian in the show, apologies would have to offer to the Jewish people. Still puts out a few Wallis de Vries a heart under the belt. “Don’t get chests. You’re a comedian and not antisemiet.”

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