Russia denies: no missile system boundary passed

1a6d2d85d3f15b1541114e34e6931c31 - Russia denies: no missile system boundary passed

MOSCOW – Russia denies that ever a Russian raketinstallatie the border with Ukraine is gone. The Russian ministry of Defence repeats according to the news agency Sputnik that no Russian soldiers were involved in the downing of flight MH17.

Archive view: the cockpit of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing is sticking out above the zonnebloemenin the disaster area of the MH17.

The communication followed the press conference of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in the Netherlands. That made it known that the Buk-missile that flight MH17 brought down was from a military base in the Russian Kursk.

Russia has, according to the ministry, “relevant evidence” presented to the research team. That would indicate to Ukrainian involvement in the downing of the plane.

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