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Ripple for Gorillas: Ashton Kutcher donates 4 million US dollars worth of XRP

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Ashton Kutcher has donated four million US dollars in the crypto currency XRP in the name of Ripple on Ellen DeGeneres. The actor and founder of A-Grade Investments in support of DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

Many know him from the haze circles of Hollywood. While the Older him, probably as the Dude from “dude, where’s my car”, he could later, as the successor of Charlie Sheen in “Two and a half men” (more or less) trump. But, even apart from his artistic activities, can put the Americans in a scene. As co-founder of A-Grade Investments and Sound Ventures, he invested jointly with Guy Oseary and Ron Burkle in promising Tech Start-ups.

So he invested in addition to Spotify, Uber, Shazam, and Soundloud, among other things, also in the payment network Ripple. So Ashton decided to Kutcher together with Guy Oseary to donate a total of four million dollars to Ellen DeGeneres. In the United States well-known actress and host of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” got the money, in order to support their own Foundation. With “The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund” wants DeGeneres to die, among other things, the types of Gorillas in Rwanda to prevent:

“I love animals and I want to protect you, especially if you are at risk. We need these incredible creatures and they need our love and assistance, in order to save you“,

as the show master.

Ellen loves Ripple

After they had received the donation from Ashton Kutcher, said she similar about Ripple:

“That was the greatest. Thank You Very Much. I love you both so much, you know that. And I love Ripple. Thank You Ripple. And now everyone knows that you can just send money. What a great thing.“

According to Kutcher Ripple with the action, wanted to show his ethical orientation. The XRP exchange rate appears to be relatively unaffected. Although the price rose yesterday for a short time, but is currently just 0.50 euros. In the course of weeks, the rate fell to 15 percent in the month over the course of almost 30 percent.

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