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Red Bull F1 team dominates in Monaco, Stoffel Vandoorne fifteenth

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The Red Bull F1 team has its first training session for the GP of Monaco dominated, both cars ended up at the top, with Ricciardo on one and Stumbling on two. Stoffel Vandoorne drove the fifteenth time.

The men’s F1 pilots may in Monaco is always a day earlier on the track, Monaco is the only grand prix on the calendar with the first two practice sessions on Thursday instead of on Friday to be held. After hours of practice in the simulator, the real work today so start.

On the street circuit of Monaco set tyre supplier Pirelli for the first time this season the ‘hypersoft’ disposal, a bandencompound that have more grip than the ‘ultrasoft’ of last year, and particularly on a street circuit like Monaco really comes in handy. The rest of the year is in fact not raced in Monaco, so the drivers still is searching for grip.

When we in the Formula 1 over grip to speak, that is, of course, not only the tyres but also the aerodynamics. In Monaco, for instance, with a much larger rear wing driven, simply because the top speed on the street circuit is much less important, but grip more, or how Red Bull Racing says it …

But on to the action, and that is always there in Monaco. The teams will send the drivers, after all, as much as possible on the track in their quest for an ideal setup, and also to the limit. That sometimes over the limit, and against the crash barriers, was gone, that proved Sirotkin.

In the search for grip, and the limit does not, however, always fatal to walk, all we see Max Verstappen is here spectacular verremmen.

For Fernando Alonso, team-mate of Stoffel Vandoorne, it was his first participation in the GP of Monaco in two years. Last year skipte Alonso the race in order to participate in the Indy 500. Today was already not a happy reunion, Alonso could barely drive by a remprobleem on his car.

With ten minutes on the clock, the Spaniard was able to restart the job. The Spaniard still managed to go from last place to the seventeenth place to climb, but more wasn’t possible. The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne drove the fifteenth time.

As expected, the performance of Red Bull Racing is very strong in Monaco. During the first class occupied the renstal with Ricciardo and Verstappen in the first two places. Ricciardo broke immediately during the first class lap record in Monaco. We must say that the cars this year, a lot faster than last year?

1. D. Ricciardo Red Bull 01:12.126 36
2. M. Verstappen Red Bull 01:12.280 25
3. L. Hamilton Mercedes 01:12.480 34
4. S. Vettel Ferrari 01:13.041 40
5. K. Räikkönen Ferrari 01:13.066 38
6. C. Sainz Jr. Renault 01:13.456 40
7. V. Bottas Mercedes 01:13.502 39
8. S. Pérez Force India 01:13.717 39
9. R. Grosjean Haas 01:13.943 24
10. S. Sirotkin Williams 01:13.962 40
11. E. Ocon Force India 01:14.000 39
12. B. Hartley Toro Rosso 01:14.034 46
13. N. Hulkenberg Renault 01:14.134 38
14. P. Gasly Toro Rosso 01:14.240 38
15. S. Vandoorne McLaren 01:14.291 37
16. C. Leclerc Sauber 01:14.521 39
17. F. Alonso McLaren 01:14.637 16
18. L. Stroll Down Williams 01:14.782 43
19. M. Ericsson Sauber 01:15.206 39
20. K. Magnussen Haas 01:18.801 7

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