Putin analyzes findings on MH17

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SAINT-PETERSBURG – Russian president Vladimir Putin Thursday night at the insistence of his French colleague Emmanuel Macron promised that Moscow the Dutch findings on the downing of flight MH17 is going to analyze. By the drama came all the 298 passengers of the aircraft of Malaysia Airlines in 2014 in Eastern Ukraine to life.

Putin with Macron.

The Dutch research team identified earlier in the day a Russian military unit responsible can be held liable for the shooting down of the aircraft with a rocket. The Kremlin denies that there is a weapon system to the border with Ukraine is crossed.

North Korea

Putin and Macron conducted in Saint-Petersburg consultation with each other. Except MH17 passed other important subjects discussed. Both leaders regret that the summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un does not continue. Nevertheless, it is cautious optimism that a solution to the situation on the Korean peninsula has not gone away.

Putin hopes that the U.S. and North Korea again in the near future sit down at the negotiating table to talk about ending the nuclear threat by Pyongyang. Macron added that Trump and Kim should continue with their efforts, and the region free of nuclear weapons. “Maybe it was Trumps step just a glitch in a process that must be continued,” said Macron.


President Putin is worried about the cancellation of the nuclear agreement with Iran by the US. He appreciates the effort that Europe is doing the events to keep afloat despite the drop out of the Americans. The Russian leader warned against the “deplorable consequences” if it fails.

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