Pinkpop festival-director Smeets from heart surgery

8dada21fc4b41bf9164e3c96e8246dc2 - Pinkpop festival-director Smeets from heart surgery

Pinkpop manager Jan Smeets is Wednesday in the Academic Hospital in Maastricht to undergo emergency surgery on his heart. That is the message on the website of the festival.

Jan Smeets

“The operation was a success and Jan has been held accountable,” reads the statement. He now has the intensive care unit has already left. The 73-year-old Smith underwent already two heart surgeries.

According to the organization of this event has Smeets’ surgery and rehabilitation no negative effect on the further progress of the festival, that on 15, 16 and 17 June, takes place. “As we know him he will soon as the thread is resumed and the visitors of the Pinkpop festival in Landgraaf, welcome.”

On the 49th edition of the Pinkpop festival are, among others, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, Editors, and Snow Patrol.

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