“Patricia Mine wants to 4,5 tonnes damages’

d2efdaa774b13101b983b249da0aedf6 - "Patricia Mine wants to 4,5 tonnes damages’

Patricia Mine is Monday for the court in Amsterdam and is opposite from the parties that are suspected of spreading her plasseksvideo. The presenter wants money, lots of money.

According to the AD is Patrica 4.5 tonnes to demand compensation for damages. The plasseksvideo came last year to the outside, because a twitter account put in place and Stated there and then linked to. Mine ashamed to own say broken. “You just deposit all the way in. You can’t be more ashamed of than that. Kick me in my bare buttocks to the outside, which I think is not even bad, I think worse.”

Patricia is a trooper. “It is also good for the future of other people that this is addressed. This may just not be ready.”

The court wants nothing about the contents of the case say, but have confirmed that Monday is a case “about the Patricia you are Mine”.

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