Oasis-frontman Liam Gallagher meets daughter after 21 years

bc17d7d3e48964643490cdfa05a74d0e - Oasis-frontman Liam Gallagher meets daughter after 21 years

Liam Gallagher has his 21-year-old daughter, Molly Moorish, meeting for the first time. The 45-year-old frontman of britpopband Oasis revealed the news through a photo of himself and his daughter to post on Instagram.

Moorish was raised by her mother, singer Lisa Moorish, with whom Gallagher once had an affair. Father and daughter have the photo on the company of Lennon and Gene, the sons of Gallagher from his marriage to Patsy Kensit and Nicole Appleton.

Last year, the star admitted that he ‘never managed’ to get Molly to meet, partly because he is not with her mother once was. “I have no problem with the girl”, he told GQ magazine. “The girl is cared for, clothed, fed, and beautiful schools sent. I bought a house and all that stuff. I just think that they are the best off with its mother.”

Do not reject

On the question of whether he would stand to meet her, answered Gallagher that he was “open to everything”. “It would not be good if they are forced to happen, these things”, he added. “I think we leave, we look what happens, I would have her definitely not reject.”

Reportedly found the meeting Tuesday held in the London Stadium, where Gallagher was, for a concert of the Rolling Stones.

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