North Korean response to Pence ’the drop’

747b94efb368c29cc715c7813bd7888d - North Korean response to Pence ’the drop’

WASHINGTON – The North Korean response to the statements of the American vice-president Mike Pence was “the final straw” for blow-off of the summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un. That has a government official said.

Mike Pence

The minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea called the comments from Pence is stupid and suggested that the second countries could take to the negotiating table or at a nuclear showdown. Pence had Monday in an interview on Fox News said that the talks with North Korea “might end up like the Libya model, if Kim no agreement close”.

Earlier the new Us security adviser John Bolton already recalled how at the time with the Libyan dictator Muammar Kaddafi is past.

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