Neppremier call with Boris Johnson

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LONDON – The British minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson has 18 minutes of a call with a prankster posing as the Armenian prime minister Nikol Pasjinian. British authorities suspect that the Kremlin was behind the phone call. Prime minister Theresa May Thursday announced it known that there is an investigation in progress into the incident.

Boris Johnson

The so-called Armenian prime minister joked that he went to visit president Vladimir Putin and hoped that he was not poisoned with nerve gas, a reference to the attack on the Russian ex-spy Skripal, in march of this year. Johnson said that he likes to Armenia would come to talk about the experience of that country with nerve gas. In the phone call had the two of the Russian oligarchs in London, and an offensive poem which Johnson ever wrote about the Turkish president Erdogan.

The British Ministry for Foreign Affairs emphasized that it soon became clear that it was not a real call was. Minister of state Alan Duncan said: “If they tried ridiculing, then that’s lost. Now we know that the Russians still flauwer than we all thought.”

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