NATO chief on MH17: law must prevail

a3302b883a95848c1af7b7705a4184a8 - NATO chief on MH17: law must prevail

BRUSSELS – The people who are responsible for the downing of flight MH17 should be held accountable, NATO’s head Jens). “It is important that almost four years after this global tragedy the right course”, he said in an emailed statement.


) Is responding to the report of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) which it is determined that the Buk-missile that the plane is up in 2014 over Eastern Ukraine from the air was shot at, fired from an installation of the Russian army.

The Norwegian ex-prime minister praised the “professional, independent work” of the team. Following In the footsteps of the EU, he refers to the UN-Veiligheidsraadresolutie calling the perpetrators to account. ) Recalls that during the disaster, 298 people were killed “from many countries all over the world”. Among them 196 Dutch citizens.

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