Love is not single brake

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The 54-year-old Hans with a difficult relationship is an understatement. He has already 5,5 years of a long-distance relationship with a Muslim, who was also a pack of younger, and every moment in prison can end up. “My husband is from Egypt. It is not an easy relationship because he is Muslim and it is a difficult country. I am already 4,5 years for him to get. In Egypt homosexuality is forbidden. The rule applies there by the way, that people their mobile phone on the street to hand if the police ask, and if the agents pictures or movies, gay prison.” Hans’ friend is 24 years.

That love does not age, also prove the 85-year-old Jeanne and Marcel (86). They were two years ago, fell in love in the nursing home where they both live, after Marcel’s granddaughter, Jeanne, asked for her bompa and keep company so that he would not grow lonely. “I had him before left and right have already seen and thought even then: perhaps that can still be a man after my own heart. I have taken the first step. That is weird to hear, again fall in love with. I wanted to the first to keep that a secret because we are so old. But when the caregivers well and knew, they came up with Valentine’s day with a tray of chocolates and cava along”. The couple has a LAT relationship in a few rooms of each other.

Steffi and Eddy are already 13 years in love, and seek sexual pleasure outside their intimate relationship. “We swing, and that creates, sometimes, jealousy,” says Steffi. Since a few years they go to swingers clubs and they do to encounters. “Swinging is to meet up with another couple. Steffi then does it with the man, I have sex with his wife. I did it not difficult to Steffi loved to see a different man,” said Eddy. How and why they started swinging, tell them to Luk Alloo.

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