Jörgensen goes out of in the summer departure at Feyenoord

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Nicolai Jörgensen trusts that he join Feyenoord next summer leaves. The Danish striker believes he is ready for a next step in his career.

“I would like to look further and think that I’m leaving, you never know what happens,” says Jörgensen Thursday against the Danish Bold.

“The plan was that I was two years at Feyenoord would play and myself would develop. I think that I did. I have a lot of meters, so now would be a departure the next step.”

Jörgensen, who has a contract until mid-2021 in The Cockpit, came in the summer of 2016 over FC Copenhagen. In his first season, crowning himself with 21 goals to top scorer of the Eredivisie. Last season continued to the counter of stitches on ten hits.

The 29-fold international of Denmark, who is preparing for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, emphasizes, moreover, that he is not what the cost would at Feyenoord. “It is no punishment to stay. My wife and I are very happy in Rotterdam.”

Newcastle United

In the winter of last season was Jörgensen close to a transfer to Newcastle United, but that transition ricocheted to the disappointment of the Dane at the last moment.

“It was a circus that I don’t want to witness, but that will not happen. If this summer until a transfer comes, I don’t want to over-involved. Then I sign up only for the medical examination and I put my signature under a contract.”

Jörgensen (27), who last season private well setback knew, it had been difficult that the winter transfer to the Premier League club did not come to fruition.

“This had nothing to do with Feyenoord, because I was and am very happy to be here. But I also have my dreams and I’m not 22 anymore. I had achieved a lot with Liverpool and thought it was a good time to leave. Feyenoord thought otherwise, and that I had to respect it, but I found it quite difficult.”

Feyenoord finished the year in fourth place in the Eredivisie and won the cup. The team of trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst comes out next season in the third qualifying round of the Europa League.

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