Ireland votes on legalization abortion

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DUBLIN – more than 3 million Irish can Friday in a referendum vote on legalization of abortion. They need to decide on a constitutional article that abortion is almost impossible. If that is voted down, the initiator prime minister Leo Varadkar abortion up to three months from the pregnancy legalizing.

The constitution of Ireland guarantees the unborn child the same rights to life as the mother. The article was 35 years ago in a referendum by 67 percent of the voters adopted at the initiative of opponents of abortion. Now hope the proponents of legalisation that the roman catholic Ireland tacking.

In polls, that seems possible, with over 40 per cent in favour of legalisation and more than 30 percent opponent. But almost a fifth of the respondents knew the not yet, reported on Irish media on Thursday, the day the polling stations on a few islands off the west coast all opened up.

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