How is it now with the candidates from Today, about a year’?

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Thursday is the tenth episode of Today about a year with Cath Luyten see One. For those who don’t gets enough of this powerful and special stories, there is good news. Starting Thursday at 21.30 hours there on VRT NOW two additional episodes with new cases and there will be a second season of this program.

Today about a year: extra episodes from Thursday, 24 may, available on the VRT NOW.

How is it going with the previous participants?

Sophie from Kalmthout (Antwerp, belgium): “Today about a year I want a sweet.” (episode 1)
Sophie charmeerde everyone in the first episode of Today about a year. Because they are very suffered from stuttering, she had never love had. During the broadcast, she found, unfortunately, no, but since she got all of fifty or so responses from men that her stutter is not as saw a problem and her wanted to meet. She is currently still dating.

Gitte from Kapellen (Antwerp): “Today about a year I want despite my beenamputatie participate in a triathlon.” (episode 2)
Gitte doesn’t stop after her participation in the triathlon: they take, in spite of her beenamputatie, part of this year the european CHAMPIONSHIPS athletics and is training to be able to shine at the paralympics in Tokyo.

Sven from Zele (Eastern Flanders, belgium): “Today about a year I want my drivers license.” (episode 3)
Sven is very happy that he has his driver’s license pulled. He used to daily his car, and at weekends he is with pleasure BOB for his friends.

Sarah from Kessel (Antwerp): “Today about a year I want a book written about burn-out.” (episode 3)
Sarah, in the meantime, all 315 copies of her book sold and is in negotiation with a publishing house. The book will be published soon also in English.

Shari and Ivo from Overpelt (Limburg): “Today about a year, we are pregnant.” (episode 3)
Shari and Ivo were on 8 may, the proud parents of a son, Riley.

Noémie and Lore from Deinze/Destelbergen (Oost-Vlaanderen): “Today about a year, we want a medal on the World Games.” (episode 4)
Noémie and Lore were very proud of their medal at the World Games. Unfortunately, they could by an injury is not to participate in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Antwerp. They have now been stopped as a duo in acrogymnastiek.

Noa from Tisselt (Antwerp): “Today about a year I hope with my new lungs to be able to sing in the concert of Coldplay.” (episode 4)
Noa sets the good and enjoy life. For the first time in years, she is on a journey.

Charlotte from (Hainaut): “Today about a year I hope to have a partner.” (episode 5)
Charlotte had an autism spectrum disorder and had never had a love had. After her participation in Today about a year they got a hundred or so comments after it, and she is hopeful to date.

Tanya from Olen (Antwerp): “Today about a year I want to be 55 kilos lost.” episode 6)
After her specatulaire metamorphosis in Today about a year, succeeds Tanya still in her weight to keep it stable and to enjoy life. They do slow down and plan for the coming year still has 15 kilos to lose.

Freekje from Aalst (East Flanders): “Today about a year, I would back can talk.” (episode 6)
Freekje had a massive stroke and wanted to return to learn to talk. They for revalidation still in use and is determined to get even better to be able to talk. She can now stand up with the help of a particular type of handle. She dreams already of a winter collection for her shop.

Aukje from Laakdal (Antwerpen): “Today about a year I want to be Belgian Champion BMX.” (episode 7)
Unfortunately, Aukje no Belgian Champion, but she is still very ambitious. She can put for the BMX world championships from next summer in Azerbaijan.

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