Henk Westbroek sick by bacteria

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Henk Westbroek is infected with the legionella bacteria, legionnaire’s disease called. According to RTV Utrecht is the singer Wednesday in the hospital in Utrecht, where he made at least two weeks should continue.

Henk Westbroek

“Pneumonia in the legionellavariant was me until now spared. But I can now also on my list of credit”, tweeted Westbroek Wednesday. “On death, I have in the meantime all you get can be just about had it. I twitter not.”

Westbroek has just returned from a vacation in Sicily, where he was a food poisoning suffered. “A man is never too old to learn. For example, that you marinated Sicilian vegetables as well as fish and meat, also food poisoning can be up”, let the liedjesproducent half may know on Twitter.

His wife, Julia, came not unscathed of: they went on vacation, a inflamed leg, which it was also set already in the hospital. Across the crowded waiting room there tweeted Westbroek last week: “Wait only four hours between injured and crying people. The vestibule of hell.”

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