Heavy sentences in Spanish corruptieproces

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MADRID – A Spanish court has the hub of a corruption scandal surrounding the Spanish ruling party PP (people’s Party), Francisco Correa, to almost 52 years in prison convicted of fraud and money laundering. A former treasurer of the party, Luis Bárcenas, according to the verdict, more than 33 years in the cell, and 44 million euro fine to pay, inter alia, because of tax evasion. His wife Rosalía Iglesias got as accomplice fifteen years in prison.

Luis Bárcenas get a car in.

Of the 37 defendants were 29 long prison sentences imposed, under whom the second husband of the fraudulent network, Pablo Crespo, a member of the PP from Galicia who to 37.5 years in prison.

The PP knew, according to the judges, not exactly where the dark money of corrupt entrepreneurs came from, but benefited like of, reported Spanish media. The party must due to this error 245.000 euro to pay the penalty.

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