Groom asks after fifteen minutes separation to

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DUBAI – before the wedding could begin, a groom from Dubai decided, nevertheless, of the marriage. He had been married already, but his father-in-law threw a spanner in the works.

The two got into an argument about money on the usually romantic day. The father of the bride would be the wedding, but asked his son-in-law to a contribution of up to 23.000 euro. That amount, the direct transfer was difficult, but 11,000 euros he could get pay. The rest he would after the wedding to hand.

Immediately after the huwelijkspapieren were signed found schoonpa, however, that his new son-in-law with the remaining 12,000 and over the bridge came. The newly married man asked his father-in-law to wait a moment so that he the money could pick up. But there was his father-in-law. The groom had to stay inside and a friend the money but let.

The groom felt so “humiliated and insulted” by the father of his wife that he decided the marriage directly but to let it dissolve, reports his lawyer to Gulf News.

A marriage of 15 minutes is not the shortest marriage ever in the United Arab Emirates: in 2012, broke a couple a few minutes after the bride said her job is not to want to give up.

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