Germany has trouble with evictions

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BERLIN – Germany has struggled to rejected asylum seekers out of the country. In the first three months of this year failed almost half of the uitwijzingen. In most cases, were persons not to be found. Furthermore, there is a growing number of pilots that refuses to accept deported migrants on board.

Federal chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

According to German media were in the first quarter of this year 5548 asylum seekers turned away. In 4752 other cases, could the expansion not be carried out. In 75 of these were asylum-seekers rejected by pilots. Around 2017, that happened 314 times while in 2016 139 persons on board were taken.

The pilots refuse to allow the migrants to take because of aggressive and violent behavior. When the police find this attitude very little understanding. According to a spokesperson, there is no danger because each asylum-seeker is accompanied.

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