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Frederik De Swaef leave Flair

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Frederik De Swaef, the former editor-in-chief of Story, is now also the former editor-in-chief of Flair. De Swaef is editor-in-chief Region in News City.

Frederik De Swaef (34) leave Flair and attention to News City, the umbrella house of de Persgroep and Medialaan, including, among others, VTM NEWS, The Latest News, De Morgen, HLN.be and Day All fall.

News City wants to say that the regional coverage to strengthen and expand to a full-fledged digital nieuwspoot that regionieuws can provide for all nieuwsmerken. Frederik De Swaef will regionieuws lead.He makes his move this summer.

De Swaef swapped in may 2015 is Story for Flair. In the Story, he had eight years, four of which as editor-in-chief. With Flair, he was in march 2016 general editor-in-chief of Flair Benelux.

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