First gig for Flanders Top Band

f3575094a65a295936f6cf4ef85c90ac - First gig for Flanders Top Band

A lot of people had been looking for a while to the first to occur of the Flanders Top Band. Now Saturday, may 26: it happened during the Day of the Schellenaar. Their action is conditioned from 20.15 until 21.30.
The Flanders Top Band brings a surprising guest along, two per show, which will be pre-announced. The list of artists that undertaking is impressive: Free Souffriau, Loredana, Raf Van Brussel, Wim Soutaer, Barbara Dex, Mathias Vergels, Maureen, Mommy’s Jacket and Tinne Oltmans.

For the first gig, in Belgium, is Gene Thomas as always, the host. He will Raf Van Brussel and Tinne Oltmans bring. Gene and his band playing recognizable songs, including ‘I want you’ of The Kreuners, “Love for music” from Raymond Van het Groenwoud, ‘All’ of Wim Soutaer and ‘I love you’ of north Cape. Also Gene’s own work is discussed. ‘For her’, ‘Be mine’ and the largest X-Session-hit “On and On” get it for sure on the setlist.

That day falls not only the Flanders Top Band to Schelle. From 14 o’clock there is already a lot to do, with performances of Dynamo Zjoss, The Gang (Lisa Michels and Joyce Beullens) with Piet Pirate, Paul Michiels and Music on Wheels.

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