Fired coach requires one yen of Japanese bond

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TOKYO – The fired coach Vahid Halilhodzic has the Japanese football association JFA sued. The 66-year-old Bosnian will find that president Kozo Tashima, the rules violated by him on his own initiative, to dismiss, without consultation with the bondsbestuur. The lawyer of Halilhodzic filed Thursday in courts in Tokyo suit against the JFA and Tashima.

Halilhodzic: “It’s about honor, and honor you can’t buy.’

The Japanese voetbalbaas flew in april to Europe to Halilhodzic to dismiss, officially because of a lack of communication. The disappointing results in the recent oefeninterlands will also be played. Akira Nishino acts during the world cup in Russia as a coach.

,,He has made this decision without the approval of the bondsbestuur and it is inconsistent with the rules,” said the lawyer of Halilhodzic. ,,It is amazing that this can. He would do this himself fired.”

Halilhodzic requires a symbolic amount of 1 yen and, above all, personal apologies of the back. ,,It comes to honor, and honor you can’t buy. That is why he wants only a symbolic amount received.”

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