FIFA does not want Russian influence in dopingtests at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS

4341f7196fa4c65114ed555ca192bf61 - FIFA does not want Russian influence in dopingtests at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS

The FIFA will do everything to Russian influences in doping tests during the world cup to avoid. All persons concerned by the FIFA hired and collected blood and urine samples to go directly to Switzerland, where they are examined.

“From beginning to end, we do everything ourselves, without Russian interference,” says Michel D’hooghe, the chairman of the medical commission of the FIFA, on Friday in the British newspaper The Times.

“I have the Russians been told that if something goes wrong, they for the first time, no criticism will get, because it is not their responsibility.”

The measures are the result of the dopingproblemen that over the past few years have been with Russian athletes. Research from the Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren, it appeared that in 2016 the Russian government for many years, a doping system and external relations, in which athletes imperceptibly forbidden drugs could.


During the Winter olympic games of Sochi in 2014 were positive to the test by the Russians in the dopinglaboratorium secretly exchanged for ‘clean’ test. At the world cup if the FIFA, therefore, the so-called chaperones in which the players from the field guide to the little room for the doping control to the medici that the test will decrease.

“In the room are allowed only two FIFA-doctors, two medical people from the FIFA, the player himself and an official of his country,” said D’hooghe. “The jars are immediately sealed and taken to the laboratory in Lausanne.”

Incidentally, were the players from the 28-man preliminary selection of Russia recently also been associated with doping, but the research it was closed on Wednesday. According to FIFA, there is insufficient evidence that Russian internationals, the regulations have been breached.

The world cup comes on June 14, will start with the opening match in Moscow between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The final is on July 15 and also that duel in Moscow, played.

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