Diederik van Vleuten will get the Silver Window

4f3434a721a656361b16031aac931bc2 - Diederik van Vleuten will get the Silver Window

Diederik van Vleuten is Thursday night awarded a Silver Frame. The versatile comedian was given the award after the end of his show, never shown in theater De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam.

The show is the conclusion of a trilogy about his family’s history in the light of big history. This Van Vleuten, according to The Little Comedy that the price in life called for special theaterverdiensten to honor, a unique achievement. “He has a new way of theatre-making was invented”, according to the jury. “A new genre, which he visitors of all generations to know where to hit.”

It is the second time that the Silver Window is presented. Previously, the prize went to cabaretgroep Not Out of The Window earlier this year its thirtieth anniversary fourth in The Little Comedy. Peter Heerschop, Joep van Deudekom, Viggo Waas and Eddie B. Wahr, who together NUHR form, received in march the first four Silver Frames.

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